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Healthy Vegan Eating

Build a healthy Relationship with Food

You might find it an unfamiliar type of concept to hear people talk about their connection with food as a relationship. Most people don’t even think that they have a relationship with food. But they do, really. Just look in the dictionary and you will see that the word ‘relationship’ means two or more people or things which are connected. Essentially, if you are feeding your body with healthy and good foods, what does your body do? It thanks you in return by supplying you energy, happiness, and balance. Just as you wouldn’t ask someone over to your place with whom you don’t get on with or who doesn’t make you feel good – so it is with food. Food needs to be beneficial and enhancing to your body because you are welcoming it into your body.   Food impacts your attitude toward life, nega...

Lean Plant Proteins for Health

Earn good health through healthy living by choosing lean plant proteins   The plant-based type of diet has in modern times become very, very popular and set to become even more so for millions of people as they discover the amazing power and health benefits of plants. In fact, this way of eating goes back thousands of years, with a rich history being traced way back in time to the ancient Egyptian people, already back in 1550BC. Evidence also shows that the Roman gladiators were known for eating mostly a vegetarian diet. And look at Daniel in the Bible, who ate and drank only vegetables and water; that at the end of 10 days looked better nourished and healthier than the young men who had eaten of the royal foods.   “Vegan” is a word that was already being used around the 1840s, therea...